What are the best months for painting in the Eastern Cape?

What are the best months for painting in the Eastern Cape?

The best months to do painting projects  in the Eastern Cape is in June/July. Best before the summer rain and heat arrives. Humidity and high moisture levels can severely affect the paint’s endurance so now is a good time to paint the exterior of your home as the low humidity will ensure that the paint cures faster.

Check your local weather forecasts to determine which days will be suitable to start your painting projects on and when the temperatures will be at their highest because you will need to consider in ample drying time. Paint takes longer to dry in cooler conditions, so adequate drying time is required before temperatures begin to drop at night. If temperatures drop too quickly in the evening, then dew can potentially form, and too much moisture on an uncured exterior can cause unwanted issues, such as, adhesion concerns and potential staining.

Getting a painting contractor during the winter season will be a simple task as now is usually a quiet time for the industry. Ensure your contractor uses the right type of paint and always keep your painting supplies stored at room temperature during the night so that you get smooth results from a flawless application.

Check painted surfaces properly so you can get the best advice at your local DIY stores before purchasing paint etc.

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Other painting maintenance which you can do in June/July

  1. Seal and putty deteriorating wooden windows
  2. Repair, re-varnish and reseal weathered wood on windows, decks and patios.
  3. Protect metal products – keep free from dust, debris and oily residue. Clean locks and keys with a liquid lubricant and also oil any noisy hinges, door locks and padlocks.
  4. Safeguard your exterior walls and roof from harsh UV rays with a UV and weather resistant paint
  5. Tackle damp problems and mouldy areas by using an anti-fungal or anti mould paint in areas with high condensation such as kitchens, bathrooms.
  6. Have fun while redecorating your home and keep your investment in Tip Top condition and the value of your asset will increase.
  7. Should you need to sell or buy a property don’t hesitate to give me a call for a free valuation, advice on the area you are interested in.



Barry Carter

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